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Our friendly select team of local tax professionals will work hard to save you maximum tax dollars now and give you personal attention and tax-savvy advice for your future.

We don't give cookie cutter service. To us our clients are special.

Visit us to find out why we were selected for the TOP 10 Best Tax Preparation Services* in the County.

Call 603-893-7590 to schedule your appointment.



  • tax preparation
  • financial services
  • business services
  • Expert Tax Planning and Advice
  • Personal & Business Tax Returns
  • Save Time- Fast & FREE e-file
  • Identify All Tax Savings
  • Specialist in People who Moved from Other States or who Work outside NH

ďSALEM TAX is a small firm where you'll find true professionals.  Iím impressed with how quick and accurate they are in getting my forms filed. They are always there year round to answer my questions and their valuable input has saved me a lot of money.

 I donít know of any firm Iíd trust more to help with my tax returns.Ē                                         

Doug MacSwan

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* Prime Buyer's Report 1/15


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